The Best Community in South Florida

estate in treasure island

Treasure Island real estate consistently scores as the top rated in the area of Miami-Dade County. It’s easy to fall in love with the properties located in this cozy community. South Florida has so much to offer, and this neighborhood is no exception. It’s popular with the snowbirds from up north that want to escape those bitterly cold winters and head into something that is more desirable. And why not? Wouldn’t you rather spend time working on the perfect tan as opposed to shoveling snow? Enjoy every day in paradise while your friends back home are trying to put snow tires and chain on their vehicles. There is no better feeling than waking up to the happy sounds of birds that are happily singing as they fly from palm tree to palm tree. There is something about the year round fresh air that makes life amazing.

A trip to Treasure Island makes you never want to leave. Residents in the community often state that their guests tend to stay for extended periods of time because of the love the life here so much. If that is the case with you, I’d recommend buying a guest house on your property. After all, a home is a home, and it isn’t a hotel. The area around this community is spectacular it is nearby many shops and boutiques along with the incredible ocean. Living on Miami Beach is nothing short of breathtaking and the northern areas still have an undiscovered charm that is impossible to find in the hustle and bustle to the South, by South Beach. Yes, you’ll want to make this place your home without questions. There is so much to love and offer. Residents that love golf, tennis and water sports will be amazing at what this community has to offer. Every day is like a vacation when you are here, and treasure island sunsets are the best in the world.